Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2019-03-07 T04: 50: 11 + 00: 00
How do I book a free trial lesson? 2019-03-07 T04: 27: 05 + 00: 00
  1. First go to our website
  2. Click "Free trial lesson".
  3. Choose your level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  4. Enter your name.
  5. Choose a username and password.
  6. Click "Book Class".
  7. That's it!
How do I find the school? 2019-03-07T04: 20: 23 + 00: 00

2-13-2 Hatchobori Chuo-Ku Tokyo Domino Building 7F 104-0032

It’s just a few mins walk for Hatchobori station, Kayabacho or Takaracho stations. It’s also only 11 mins walk from Tokyo station as well which is a very convenient station.

How do we study in a class? 2019-03-07 T04: 19: 13 + 00: 00

Classes at Eh Plus are small and flexible.

After you book your class on our convenient booking system please come to our school.

After you arrive you will notice a screen with your name, room number and your teachers name. 

We teach all of our classes on iPads.

The teacher will type all of your mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, speaking or pronunciation so you can focus on speaking not writing.

In each class you will study a different lesson or topic.

After the class your notes will be uploaded to your student site so you can review them any time at home or even on the train. 

When is my level checked? 2019-03-07 T04: 18: 55 + 00: 00

Your level will be checked during your first class with your teacher. After that your teacher will recommend which classes are the best for you to take.

Can I take more than one class per day? 2019-03-07T04: 17: 40 + 00: 00

Yes, you can take 2 or 3 or more classes per day. It’s up to you how much you study. We always say, the more you study the faster you will improve.

How many students are in a class? 2019-03-07T04: 17: 15 + 00: 00

Maximum 4. But sometimes you are lucky and get less!

What types of classes do you have? 2019-03-07T04: 16: 58 + 00: 00

We have 3 levels of conversation (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

How do you check your notes and homework? 2019-03-07 T04: 16: 37 + 00: 00

Lesson notes will be uploaded from the iPad to the student's dedicated site after class.
After each lesson we upload your Class Notes from our iPad to your Student Site.

You go to the student site tab and select either homework or lesson notes. That’s it!

  The homework is optional but we recommend every student to do it regularly to improve your English faster.

You can study your notes or homework at home on your pc or laptop or even on the train or bus with your mobile phone. Great right!

How do I find my balance? 2019-03-07T03: 45: 56 + 00: 00

You just go to your student site and click on balance...easy! You can also add more classes from here if you are running low.

How do I buy a Class Pack? 2019-03-07T03: 45: 29 + 00: 00

First click on the buy now tab and make sure you are logged in.

Then select the amount of classes you would like. Your personal information should be pre-filled.

Then enter you credit card information.

Lastly, check the box for the terms and conditions and click the confirm button. Now you have successfully added a Class Pack and are ready to study!

Can I transfer my classes from Vancouver? 2019-03-07T03: 45: 06 + 00: 00

Yes, you can. Just click on balance transfer in the balance tab on your Student Site.
However, in Japan you will join our expiry system depending on how many classes you have.
0-5 is 1 month expiry , 6-10 is 2 months expiry and 11+ is 3 months expiry.

Can I use my classes in Vancouver? 2019-03-07T03: 44: 28 + 00: 00

Yes, if you are planning to travel abroad or just a trip or to study abroad for a longer time, we will transfer your classes for you.

We will also keep track of all of your classes and lesson notes so you can easily transition into studying in Vancouver as well. 

The system is same, and we have the same classes (plus a few different ones) so you can be comfortable and get started easily.